Tactical Flashlights: Why Do You Need It?


why do you need it?


When the power goes out, you might not know what to think or even what to do. Power outages can occur in the middle of a hot summer night or in the middle of a freezing cold winter day. Though you may need to find ways to beat the heat or the cold, with a flashlight in your emergency kit, you’ll always have the light that you need.

Though you may think that you can get by with a basic torch light, tactical models are far better because these lights will last longer and provide better clarity. There are a few key reasons why you need one of these flashlights in your home, but you’ll also find reasons why you need one on your job too.


Reasons Why You Need To Have One 


Lots of Light

The biggest reason you need it is that of the ample light it provided. You need to look at the lumens produced by the light to get an idea of the brightness provided. Those with more lumens can illuminate the space up to 100 feet in front of you or even more.


Durable and Strong

Those cheap flashlights that you see in big box stores are hardly worth the price tag because these lights usually only last for up to a year. With a flashlight, you’ll have light for years to come. Manufacturers of these specifically design those lights to work in all types of conditions.


Small Size

When you think of emergency lights, you might think of those larger lights that almost look like floodlights. These flashlights are significantly smaller and designed to take up less space. These lights are small enough to carry in your pocket, and some even have a hook that lets you clip one to your pocket or belt.


LED Bulbs

Using a traditional flashlight will provide help in some situations, and using it will give help in all types of situations because these have LED bulbs inside. These bulbs are stronger and more durable than traditional bulbs and will last much longer too.


Longer Run Time

As bad as an emergency is, it can be even worse when the batteries in your flashlight die. As the batteries in it will last longer, you’ll find that you can use yours for up to 12 hours or longer. Many of the newer flashlights will even come with rechargeable batteries.


Water-Resistant Housing

If your basement floods or you spend a lot of time walking around in the rain or snow on the job, you’ll appreciate the water-resistant housing that comes on many of these torch lights. This housing keeps moisture from reaching the batteries or any other features to keep rust from damaging it.


Self Defense Tool

Whether you spend long hours on patrol as part of your job, or you simply do some walking in the dark, you need a tactical flashlight. These torch lights serve as a tool that helps you protect yourself from any type of threat. Many are heavy enough that you can strike an opponent and cause some damage.


Emergency Identification

When you find yourself trapped in your home because of a natural disaster, or you’re lost outside in the woods, you can use a perfect flashlight to help others find you. Many of these torch lights have an end cap that you can click one or more times to turn on a bright red light. This light flashes and will alert others of your presence.


Night Vision

Law enforcement personnel and security guards often carry a flashlights that have a night vision feature. This feature lets you turn the knob around the front cap or press a button to change the intensity and color of the light that comes out of the torch. You can then see everyone and everything around you in even the darkest of conditions.

It comes in handy during any type of emergency situation. You can use one to defend yourself against wild animals or human attackers and get around your house when the power and the lights go out. Tactical flashlights come in different sizes that are suitable for storing with your camping gear, tucking inside your emergency kit or carrying in your own pocket.


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